Raisin with Runaway Green Highlights Silk Handloom Ikat LAST PIECE #989

  • $48.00

Only 1 left!

Not simply warm reddish brown, this ikat has green flashing iridescence that moves in the light. Woven of green, white and wine silk, with fibers so fine that they create more colors as the light changes. If you move it enough, it may turn all or mostly camera-shy green, but look again and the green is gone; it never stays put. It is slightly sheer. Front and back are the same. Selvedges are green. Possibly Thai or Balinese for sarongs etc; maybe Indian for saris. It's in perfect condition and seems new, or less than 10 years old? They didn't know much about this unique ikat but we couldn't resist. 

42" wide.  This piece is 2" short of 2 yards. It's 1 yard plus 34", for $48.00.  (Based on the regular price of $25.00/yd.).  So order "1" and you'll get this piece which is 42" wide and 70" long. 

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