Copper-Black 100% Silk Dupioni 54" Wide. By the Yard #799

  • $32.00

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Nubby-textured, soft, handwoven, slightly crispy classic silk dupioni in deep rich copper, woven with a black warp to create an iridescent copper/black mahogany. It's richer than the photos can depict.  Saturated, strong copper, dark and luscious, with iridescence. 

Dupioni silk is a joy to sew, touch and wear. It's used for gowns, jackets and coats, skirts, blouses and shirts, wraps, tables, pillows, accessories, and much more. It has body and a slight rustling sound as it moves, is easily shaped as you work with it, and wrinkles iron out easily. Dry cleaning is recommended to preserve lustre, texture and color.

HOWEVER...We did a test with machine washing and drying a different color: our Bright Peacock. We hemmed the raw edges first, then washed in warm water with 7th Generation Free and Clear, with plenty of machine spinning and abuse. Then machine dried warm until it was dry, plus 10 more minutes. Results: no change in color, surprisingly - silks often change color with machine washing, but it didn't. Now it's softly crinkled, much softer, more supple, has medium drape, is not shiny or crispy. The slubby texture seems a bit stronger, and it still has the two-tone color and light play with the cobalt and emerald. It shrunk 8" in the length - 1 yard long shrunk to 28" long!  Width went from 54" to 53". Yours will most likely respond differently so be sure to do your own tests. Washers, dryers and water are all different, and each silk is different.    

For our former Santa Fe Fabrics customers, YES this is the same beloved, high end silk dupioni that we carried. Let us know if you'd like a free swatch or if you're interested in special ordering a certain color.

54" wide. 100% Silk, $32.00/yd.

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