SALE Nearly Invisible Gray Arcs Vintage Kimono Wool By the Yard #177

  • $9.00

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Gentle arcs like curved blades of grass, far off into the horizon, in darker black, crossing over one another, each one about 3-4" across.  Both sides of this fabric are beautiful; the arcs are lighter on one side, darker on the other. The yarns are just black and white so the overall look is gray. The design is in the weave; this is not a print. This wool is thin and light, soft and supple for wool, not shiny, with a bit of body. 14" wide, vintage kimono fabric in excellent condition from Japan. Sold by the full yard and we'll cut your order in one piece from the bolt. We think 100% wool; it has no synthetic shine or bounce. Understated and beautiful!

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