Rustic Silver-Gray, Stoney Brown Back Shell 7/16" Pack of 21 #23-203

  • $11.00

Only 7 left!

Finally found more!  These sold out quickly before; they're so pretty and interesting. Rustic with variance, iridescent small gray two-hole shell buttons. Shades of silvery charcoal graphite, some a bit towards brown and some with darker rims.  They are called rustic because thickness, texture and color do vary which is the essence of their beauty and why we love them so. Smooth, glowing, good sheen and iridescence. Backs are dark gray/brown, some quite textured from the natural shell. You may want to use that side as the front; they almost look like stone.  These little gems clearly these are not plastic buttons.

Diameter 7/16" (smaller than 1/2", larger than 3/8") 11mm.  

They are a good match to the 3/4" size we carry, see #23-204

Pack of 21 for $11.00

Where you see "Only ___ Left", that is how many packs of 21 are left. 


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