Rustic Graphite Shell Mix 7/16", Pack of 12 #23520SP

  • $8.25

Only 12 left!

Mix of iridescent small gray two-hole shell buttons for shirts and blouses. Various shades of silver and gray, some towards taupe, charcoal, slightly brown, per the photos.  The color and thickness vary - some are thicker than others. Shape, size and holes are consistent. Smooth, glowing, good sheen. Backs are dark brown with some texture. 

Diameter 7/16" (smaller than 1/2", larger than 3/8")

Pack of 12 for $8.25   15 packs currently available. 

These are very similar to our other 7/16" Graphite Shell, but these are more rustic, with more variance in color and thickness. 

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