Red Velvet Cranberry Agoya Shell 5/8" 2-hole Button, Pack of 8 for $7.20 #1218

  • $7.20

Only 16 left!

Cranberry red color with a semi-shiny velvet finish, this high quality 5/8" Agoya shell button is not quite 1/16" thick. Just enough of the natural shell's glow comes through to create a lovely sheen with a subtle iridescence and a bit of natural texture variance. (Clearly these are not plastic buttons!)  Natural, durable agoya shell button for your best uses.  The backs are mottled dark red and black shell. Diameter: 15mm / 5/8".

Pack of 8 for $7.20.  Order "1" for each pack of 8 buttons you'd like. (Order 2 for 16 buttons, etc.)   22 packs currently available.

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