Periwinkle Mussel Shell Button, 11/16", TWENTY for $10.00 #KB912

  • $10.00

Only 3 left!

What a color and so hard to find -  true periwinkle, the best of blue and purple. The mussel shell has been dyed this great color, and much of the shell's natural sheen and variation shows through. Not quite 3/4", it's 11/16" /28L /17mm. 2 holes. Lots of natural variance and glisten. Sturdy and strong, thick, vivid color, satin shine, sleek and smooth. Most aren't flat or perfect, as you can see. These are great buttons.  Order "1" per pack of twenty buttons, for $10.00. Limited Supply. 

Where it reads "Only ___ left", that is how many packs of 20 are currently in stock. Not how many individual buttons. 

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