Cool Blue Gray River Shell 5/8" 2-hole Button, Pack of 8 for $8.00 #1789

  • $8.00

Only 4 left!

Beautiful high quality 5/8" dyed river shell button is about 1/16" thick. Just enough of the natural shell's variance and glow comes through to create a lovely sheen, smooth striations and slight iridescence. (Clearly these are not plastic buttons!)  Front and back are just the same. Satiny, smooth and thick, beautifully dyed, for your best uses. Diameter: 15mm / 5/8".

Pack of 8 for $8.00

Where it says " Only -- left", that is how many packs of 8 we have left. Not how many individual buttons. 

This new batch came in darker and bluer. We have one pack left of the older lighter tone; see last photo below and let us know if you would like that pack. Otherwise you'll receive the newer, darker color.  

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