1/2" Teal Blue Pearl Shell 2-hole Button, 6 for $5.10 #182

  • $4.10

Only 5 left!

Beautiful, high quality, shiny dyed Mother Of Pearl shell button, in rich, saturated teal blue. The shell's natural glow comes through the color, and creates a lovely sheen and iridescence. (Clearly these are not plastic buttons!) The backs are mottled gray-brown natural shell, shown in the photo with the ruler. Satiny, glowing, thin, natural with variance, for your best uses. As shown in the photos, some have tiny white flecks which won't affect their wear or durability, and is why they're less $ than the other colors. Diameter: 13mm / 1/2".  

Pack of 6 buttons for $4.10. 5 packs currently available.

Wash gently by machine or hand. Avoid dry-cleaning.

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