CLOSEOUT 1/8" Silk Ribbon, Box of 11 Mixed Colors for 30% OFF

  • $25.00
  • Save $10

Only 7 left!

This is the beloved 4mm French Silk embroidery ribbon that we've had for years.  Sadly, the supplier has now stopped making it. So, we're offering little boxes with a mix of 11 little brown Kraft 'spools'. Each spool is 3 meters/3.25 yards of soft, fine silk ribbon in various colors.  You will receive one spool each of black, white, brown, ivory, red, purple, navy, teal, and cornflower. Plus two more spools, such as an additional of a couple of those colors. Stock up; no more after this. 

So you'll get a total of 3.25 yards x 11, so 35+ yards. Regular price was $3.25 per spool. 11 spools for $25.00, which is 30% off, or $2.27 per spool.  Little gift box included as shown.  Order '1' for one box of 11 spools, 2 for 2 boxes, etc. 

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