Button Bird's Beloved Amazingly Clear Small Zip Bags. 3" x 3" Ten Bags for $2

  • $2.00

Only 97 left!

These are the hard to find little powerhouse wonderful zipper bags we've all come to adore. In a time of such bad quality everything, these little rascals are easy to open and close, they stay shut, hardly ever break, can be used for lots of different purposes (travelers love to tuck valuable or easily-lost things in them) and are amazingly clear. They seem to slightly enhance the color and detail of what's inside.They are 4mil which is extra heavy weight, too.... will last longer and be stronger than more typical zipper bags. These are the small square size that we usually put your buttons in to ship them to you. Couldn't live without them. They're 3" x 3", not counting the little flap above the zipper. 

Ten for $2.00  

We'll find out if they're archival and/or food-safe. Stay tuned. 

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