Sheer Black Impossible Dichroic Magic Silk Organza by the yard.

  • $16.50

This sheer silk is pure black on one side, with handprinted orange, green, yellow and blue on the other. It has a woven swirl pattern - like currents in water - throughout.  Intended for the black side to be the 'right' side of a summer kimono, some of the bright colors show through, just barely, depending on how the fabric moves in the light. Color also shows up on the swirls pattern. If you hold it up to the sun, more color comes through to the black. In the dark, looking at the black side, you don't see much of the colors. Stunning, stupendous, unusual, puzzling, gorgeous, stand-out.  14.5" wide. Soft, not drapey, and slightly crispy. 

Sold by the full yard, $16.50/yard for this sheer art silk. Japan, vintage. 

12 yards left. 


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