Tiny Red Flowers Vintage Glass 1/4" button-beads, pack of 12 for $9.00 #GL389

  • $9.00

Only 2 left!

Ruby red tiny glass flower button-beads are only 1/4" in diameter. The hold int the backs is very small. The red is perfect; not too blue, not too orange. These are old but in quite lovely condition, and you'll get 12 for $9.00

Small Bright Yellow "Paint Splatters" Vintage Glass Buttons 3/8"  #GL390Shiny yellow glass with tiniest, random, mostly black and red-orange paint splatters. The yellow has a bit of green. Plump vintage buttons in great condition. Probably from Japan. Brass shanks. They measure 3/8" in diameter and about the same in depth.

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