Silvery Turquoise Abstract Chirimen Crepe Silk 13" x 64". #4212

  • $38.00

This is a Tango Chirimen, exceptional silk with an unusual and complex print. Covered with layers of colors, all in tiny flecks of bright turquoise, small amounts of yellow and red, plus grays, silvers, and metallic gold.  They all cover a rich jacquard, and combination makes this silk glow. Not exactly shiny, it shimmers and glistens. Behind the glisten are some groups of silver flowers but they're subtle. The silvers and golds influence the turquoise to be calmer but in certain lights you can see how bright it is, but it's delicately applied. The back is solid light blue with the mottled woven jacquard very prominent. Drapey, smooth and sleek, perfect condition silk from a former life as pieces of a kimono.  Japan. These 4 large pieces are all we have. 

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