Purple/White All-Shibori Vintage Kimono Silk Pieces from Japan. 9.5" x 40" #856

  • $11.00

Grape and white, true shibori in a geometric pattern with four and six sided figures and double lines. The shibori looks to us to be hand tied/hand dyed, and there is plenty of bumpy classic hand-dyed shibori texture. This piece was once part of a kimono, and the silk is lightweight, soft, supple, flowy and drapey. A true shibori, the back looks very similar but the shibori squares are slightly smaller and smoother. Excellent condition.  100% Silk. Japan.  The photos are for the 13.5" width, but this piece is a 4" narrower.  Two bonus long skinny pieces included:  3" x 41" each. 

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