Papaya Orange Jacquard Bokashi Vintage Kimono Silk from Japan, 80" long PIECE #844

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Simple and complex, the jacquard pattern is a series of quilt-like squares and rectangles of different sizes with jacquard designs within: diamonds, slashes, wavy lines, diagonal lines, rows of stars; so many it's hard to count them all, and they're all nearly invisible until the light changes. Then their gleam comes through, and you realize this silk is much more than almost solid, flecked and mottled papaya. The jacquard design's tribal elegance and intricate detail clarifies bit by bit. The very soft, subtle bokashi work creates lighter papaya areas throughout the rich papaya color. If any of the photos show gray or yellow areas, that's the camera exaggerating the many texture changes - there's no gray, no red, no bright orange and no yellow.  Lightweight, supple, flowy, soft, smooth and sleek, very drapey pure silk in pristine condition. 14" wide. This 2.2 yard long piece was cut from the never-used, vintage bolt. 100% Silk. Japan. Exceptional. 

Order "1" for the 2.2-yard piece.  14" x 80"

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