Lemon Migration, Kimono Silk Jacquard w. Cranes 6" x 35" #4158

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Solid, true light yellow, with a strong jacquard that creates the view from above: cranes flying, bridges over streams, forests, gardens, maple leaves, faux shibori.  Idyllic Japan in a glorious, hard to find color. This silk is extremely soft, supple and drapey, in pristine condition from its former life in Japan, as a kimono. On the front the images are quite prominent even though they're 'only' a function of sheen, texture, and weave variance. On the back, the jacquard images aren't as dimensional; they do show but are smoother. The color is clean, pure light yellow. It's not muddy, and not towards green or pink at all. (To show the design, we had to sacrifice the color a bit in the photos; sorry.)

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