Indigo Jacquard w. Faux Shibori Blossoms in Falling Clusters, Vintage Silk Pieces 14" x 64" #3731

  • $33.00

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Another treasure from Japan, vintage silk from a former life as a kimono, in excellent condition. The flowers are streaming down in long loose groups down the length of the fabric, with indigo background in between. The larger blossoms are meant to look like shibori but are actually traditional prints with real gold accents very finely added on top of tie-dye colors. The base silk has a lyrical, scallop pattern woven within the indigo, which is rather prominent and adds a bit of elegant shine and subtle texture. Stunning!  This silk is sleek, soft, lush, drapey, mid-weight, luxurious. 

The back is almost white; the pattern barely shows through. 

3 available, each is 14" x 64" and $33.00 per piece. 

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