Fifteen Vintage Crystal Buttons, Aurora Borealis, Swarovski? 9/16" 14mm

  • $35.00

Only 1 left!

Old but new, never used vintage crystal buttons that we're 99% sure are Swarovski crystal; they're just as vibrant, clear, high end, sharply faceted and iridescent. They are in pristine condition and are deep blue green with iridescence in magentas, purples, oranges.  Diameter 9/16" - 14mm and almost 3/8" deep. Self shank with sewing hole and silver foiled back. 

 One lot of 15 of these buttons; all match and all are in mint condition. Order "1" and you'll receive one LOT of fifteen buttons.)  These match the other lot of 7 larger square ones we have.

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