Dogs + Cats Beach Selfies Cotton Print By the Yard

  • $10.00

Only 8 left!

Soft, tightly woven 100% cotton. Each square "beach selfie" is 6" x 6" and the borders between them are 2". There are five selfie-squares across the 44" width.  Five down the length takes 39" not 36", but we'll call it a "yard." So for each "yard" you order you'll get 25 selfies. There are four different images, repeated. (Photos of each are shown). This is excellent quality quilting cotton, 44/45" wide.  It's called "Beach Selfies" from Elizabeth's Studio. The background is cream. The quality of the artwork and printing is so good that the animals look absolutely like real photos of real pets, adding to the fun. Might this make fun face masks?

Sold by the 39-inch "yard", and we'll cut yours in one piece from the bolt. 


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