Polka-Dot Print Vintage Japanese Kimono Cotton BOLT of 11+ yards #890

  • $40.00

Designed for a black/white polka dot summer yukata kimono, this is high end cotton or possibly a silk/cotton blend. It's off-white, not bright white. It's very soft but not flowy or supple; it has body.  It's not drapey, holds a crease strongly, and feels a bit like crepe; very soft, ever so slightly textured and grainy....but finely.  No sheen at all. It's a little sheer - the photos show the layer underneath. It's in quite good condition but the edges have a bit of discoloration (see last photo; it's minor). It's in 2 pieces; one piece is 8.5 yards and the other piece is a couple inches shy of 3 yards, perhaps for a specific kimono design. The two pieces are bundled together per the photos. 14" wide. Vintage, unused, possibly quite old. Japan. The bundle of 11+ yards is $40.00.  It weighs less than a pound - a cool summer fabric. 

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