Dusk Bamboo Indigo/Black Ikat Tsumugi Vintage Kimono Silk from Japan By the Yard #393

  • $16.00

Lush bamboo leaves in dark indigo blues, other lighter blues, black and blackened reds.  Subtle, ikat-created (with lots of black) blue clouds behind some of the leaves, where the weave is different, with more of the medium blue and less of the lighter blue... nearly hidden in the shadows and hard to see in most of the photos. It's all done with ikat, in this authentic Tsumugi silk, hand dyed and hand woven from soft, slubby, thick and thin silk fibers. Tsumugi like this was originally made hundreds of years ago from the floor sweepings left over from weaving fine, expensive silk. The peasants had to wear the 'waste silk' Tsumugi kimonos. Now, Tsumugi is loved and respected in Japan, and kimono from Tsumugi are known for being light, soft and warm. This silk is thick and strong, a bit heavy for silk, with lots of body. It's the same on both sides, slubby and textured. Beautiful black selvedges. There is no dye transfer; the colors seem fast. Gorgeous. 

 14" wide, 100% silk from Japan, in perfect condition. Sold by the full yard and we'll cut yours in one long piece from the never-used, probably quite old bolt. 

We think this is a true Yuki Tsumugi, the type of silk that is designated as one of the Important Intangible Cultural Properties of Japan, and inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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