Lacy Glass Button Purple, 1", Czech Glass/Susan Clarke Hybrid #SC1519M

  • $7.25

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Hand-painted and translucent - you can see the glass detail through the color. 1" diameter, slightly domed, and about 1/4" thick with the shank. Shank opening is around 2mm.  Limited Supply. The purple is more soft than bright, and not quite as reddish as the photos. The gold is sparkly and bright with intricate detail. 

Lacy Glass buttons are Czech Glass buttons that are reverse-painted in layers on the back,  and lighter on the edges, with specific colors, techniques and types of paint, in such a way that from the front, light reflects back through the color. It was a technique used in the 1800's by the Czech Republic but even by the 1900's was rarely done even in Czechoslovakia.  Susan Clarke was inspired by these lovely old antique buttons and set out to bring their beauty back to the world. She created processes using clear Czech glass buttons and various modern paints and materials that make these new buttons even more vibrant, unique and gorgeous.  Each one is hand-painted individually in California, even the tiniest, most intricate details. They are magically beautiful. 

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