SALE Red / Cream Vintage Silk Japanese Obi / Large Fanciful Chrysanthemums, 12 feet long

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Perfect condition vintage obi made from chirimen silk crepe in a fabric especially made for this design; the red stripes are part of the fabric. Where the red meets the cream, the edges of the red are feathered by hand-painting. Cream background; not bright white. Bingata/Katazome resist-dyed colorful mums, bamboo leaves and other botanica. Lined with a heavier fabric, this is a traditional Nagoya obi from Japan. The silk is classic Japanese chirimen crepe with a pebbly texture. It's probably several decades old and appears to have been carefully stored and possibly never worn. Pristine condition.

 Katazome is a Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using a resist paste applied through a stencil. A rice flour mixture is applied using a brush or palette knife. Pigment is added using hand painting, immersion, or both. Where the rice flour paste covers and permeates the silk, dye applied later will not penetrate. This obi is bingata or katazome; they are similar techniques. 

 12" x 145" total length.  The wide portion is 12" x 44". Then it narrows to 6" x 100" for the belt portion.  


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