Vessels, Vintage Meisen Silk, Double Ikat, 14" x 61" Kimono Pieces from Japan, #182

  • $32.00

These pieces are from a kimono probably around 1940's-60's. The images of ceramic jars have blurry edges, a hallmark of Meisen. Some of the vessels are pure black, some gray with bronze s peckles, some gray, and some awash with stripes of bold jewel tones and red.  This silk is lightweight, thin, smooth and soft but not shiny. It's a bit crisp.  Both sides are just the same. These pieces are from a disassembled kimono many decades old, and there are some spots along the selvedge per the photo with the chopstick. 100% Silk. Japan.  $32.00 per piece and we have two. Order one or both. 

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