Still-Tied BOLT Echigo Maple Leaves Ikat, Quite Old Handwoven Kimono Silk from Japan, #364

  • $155.00

Black background, red swirly arabesques and green and white maple leaves. This silk is heavy for kimono silk, very soft, with no shine and no drape and a flannel-like, raw silk almost 'fluffy' feel. Echigo is a traditional Japanese handwoven kimono silk, and if our label translation is accurate, may be called tamamo ori and dyed with local plants. It's clearly handwoven.  From what we can see - we haven't opened it and don't want to cut the floss holding it together - it seems to be in quite good condition. A true traditional ikat, 14" wide, both sides are just the same. This is a never used, age unknown, old bolt designed for a kimono. It may be collectible and we'll continue to research Echigo. This is for the still-tied folded silk. It measures 14" x 6" x 2" and weighs 20 ounces. It's probably 12-13.25 yards, 100% Silk. Japan. 

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