Silk Ribbon Handloom Kimono Fabric by the Yard; Pink and Taupe

  • $27.00

Unique Japanese kimono fabric made entirely of silk ribbon. The pink and light olive/taupe/brown ribbon colors mix throughout the fabric, and sometimes form zig-zags within the narrow connected lengthwise rows. It's a bit sheer where there are spaces between the ribbons. The result is like a soft, silky, handwoven ribbon-scarf.  We were told it's quite old. It's in very good to excellent condition and seems rare; if you've ever seen kimono like this let us know. It's an intriguing textile in pink and brown, and would be beautiful as scarves or shawls. You can't help but wonder how much time went into making this piece.

We haven't cut it yet but we'll tape over the fabric then cut tape and silk at once to reduce it. It has some crosswise stretch.  Japan.

14" wide relaxed, with some stretch to around 15". No stretch in the length. Sold by the full yard, and we'll cut yours in one piece from the vintage, never used bolt. If you're first, you get the silk ribbon fringe.  

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