Cranes Obi. Sage, Golden Browns 12.5" x 150" Vintage Japan.

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Heavy, rich formal Maru obi in earth tones - Vanilla background, white cranes with black necks and wings, chrysanthemums and foliage in all those colors plus golden brown, a cinnamon-persimmon color, warm charcoal gray, and muted greens. No bright colors and no metallic. It's a stunning design, and the obi is heavy, fairly stiff, heavily lined, opulent.   

It's probably rayon or rayon/silk blend, and several decades old. Size is 12 1/2" x 150". The entire obi is brocade, front and back. There are no plain-weave, unembellished areas on this older, traditional obi at all. 

NOTE: FLAWED AREA.  19" up from the bottom edge, there is a 5"x 8" area where the fabric is compromised on both sides of the obi.  See the last photo. It is from 'normal wear and tear' but quite visible and weakened. 

Otherwise this exceptional obi is in excellent condition.

Item # 433181

Maru obi (丸帯, "one-piece obi") is the most formal obi. The fabric is folded around a double lining and sewn together. Maru obi were at their most popular during the Taishō (1912-1926) and Meiji (1868-1912) periods. Their bulk and weight is substantial. Vintage Maru obi now are worn mostly by geishas, maikos (apprentice geishas) and brides in Japan. A maru obi is typically fully patterned and often has embellished metal-coated yarns and foilwork such as this.

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