REMNANT, Turquoise Plaid Handwoven Vintage Kimono Silk, One Yard # 530

  • $14.00

Somewhat muted turquoise blues and several purples, a little black, pink and cream, in this handwoven, extremely soft, old kimono silk from Japan. We love the crosswise cream thick fibers every inch or two, and the view of them on the selvedges. This silk is probably homespun and older than vintage but in excellent condition. It's thin and light with no shine at all, much softer than it looks - will be heavenly to wear and has a bit of drape and a hint of body. It may be raw silk, is very soft, with lots of of variance in thread thickness. The label and fringe are sold but shown for your reference. 14" wide and 1 yard long. 100% Silk. Japan.

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