REMNANT Crayons, Blue Rustic Ikat Vintage Kimono Wool / Silk from Japan 30" Piece #127

  • $11.00

We see denim blue as the dominant color, rustic and textured. In the weave are streaks, running with the length of the fabric, in crayola-look golds, blues, greens, reds, violets, fuschias. The closer you get the more interesting they are - rich and colorful, but hiding a bit. The label seems to say half silk and half wool; we think the warp (and the fringe) is the silk, with the bright, but subdued by the blue, crayon colors. It feels to us more like pure wool, a bit coarse and hefty, not silky-smooth and far from delicate. It's a great ikat with tiny squares and other shapes, in off-white.  A true ikat, both sides are the same. It's mid-weight, a bit stiff, not light or flowy at all, with lots of body and strength. 14" wide and 30" long. Wool/Silk.  Feels like 100% Wool. Japan. 


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