Purples Climbing Zigzags Rustic Shine Ikat, Vintage Kimono Silk from Japan By the Yard #755

  • $18.00

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Light and dark purple, with ikat-created towers, large diagonal zig-zags in a meisen-like weave. The silk is very light, thin and fine, the type of silk we may think of for crisp shirts, ties or fine coat linings: sleek, soft, a little shiny. It's not drapey.  But there are weaving imperfections, shown in the photos: color shifts, slubs, a few flaws in the selvedges... so we think it was handwoven and may be quite old. A true ikat, both sides are just the same. This silk would fit in beautifully if it found its way to the American Southwest. 14" wide, sold by the full yard, and we'll cut yours in one long piece from the never-used, vintage bolt. 100% Silk. Japan. 


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