Secret Polka Dot Red/Black/Cabernet Vintage Japanese Sleek Kimono Silk Blend by the Yard

  • $10.50

Only 13 left!

Woven red and black combine to look burgundy/dark red, with mostly-black jacquard polka dots woven throughout. It's probably a silk blended with poly. The hand is very soft and smooth, and the weave is wonderful; the dots peek out from the melange weave. Dots are 2-4" apart, different sizes 1/2" or 1" and perfectly round. They have a 'wet' look, as if they are raindrops, and indeed this fabric may have been designed for Japanese kimono raincoats. It has a little bit of both drape and body, and some shine. The back has the two tones reversed; the background is the more-black weave and the dots are the lighter, more cabernet color. Vintage Japanese Silk Blend in excellent condition. 

14.5" wide. Sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one piece from the bolt. 

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