Orange/Green Stripe Slubby Wool Blend By the Yard, Vintage Kimono Fabric from Japan #714

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Woven with bright red, gold and black, creating yarn dyed 3/4" stripes. Lots of slubs throughout, in all colors. The green color is complex; you see all 3 colors - such an interesting blend.  The orange is a bit diluted by the yellow, also layered and wonderful.  96% Wool / 4% Nylon. Thin and lightweight, with a bit of a wooly scratchiness, it has body and is almost crisp, with no shine at all. Plenty of weaving interest and variance in fiber thickness in all colors. A true yarn-dyed fabric, both sides are just the same.  I'm not usually so in love with stripes but this one is great. It reads much like a linen stripe. The colors are consistent. If the photos look washed out in some areas and super hot in others, don't believe it. 

14" wide and sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one continuous piece to your order, from the excellent condition, never-used, vintage bolt. 96 Wool, 4 Nylon. Japan.

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