OUTLET ITEM: Stunning Jacquard Liquid Drape Japanese Silk Crepe with Spots, By the Bolt #608

  • $45.00

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Unbelievably supple, flowy, soft and drapey, this crepe is like water. Brightest red-orange, more red than orange, with a large scale traditional floral jacquard that glistens in the light and adds no body at all; it's hard to imagine a silk more drapey and light. It has subtle crepe weave; this is/was a very high end silk. But on some portions there are quite a few small black spots. There are many perfect yards, but the spots come and go especially at the beginning and end of the bolt. We're not sure what they are, how to remove them or exactly how many there are. 13" wide and probably 12-13 yards or more. It may be kimono lining fabric. 100% Silk from Japan. $45 for the entire bolt. Adopt a Rescue!

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