Navy/Black Wool Bolt, Still Folded and Tied, Extra Wide, Kimono Wool from Japan #7191

  • $110.00

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Blues and black, possibly also a little brown, cross dyed 100% wool. It has a subtle grid design from the weave. It's a bit heavier and and thicker than most kimono wool, and seems like fine, higher end wool.  This bolt is 15" x 7" x 1-1/2" and weighs about 27 ounces.  It's folded once to 15" so it's about 30"wide.  It's tightly tied and we can't tell the exact yardage but most of these bolts are 6.5 yards and we assume so with this one. It seems to be in perfect condition. Both sides are just the same. Truly beautiful wool, fairly new judging by the labels, ties and condition. 100% Wool.  Japan.

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