Old Mud Rustic Silk/Hemp Crepe: Vintage (Looks Older) Batik from Japan By the Yard #753

  • $16.00

Only 8 left!

This silk/hemp feels and looks like a light weight bark cloth; natural, slubby and textured. Batik deisgns with crackles, in lighter brown. We're told it was probably dyed with mud or akane root. The red-brown color is the same on both sides. Both sides are similar and usable; one side has plumper lines in the design. On the other side, they are a little sharper and thinner. We love both sides - perhaps the sharper/thinner-lines side may be the back. In brighter light it looks more towards red, and more brown in lower light. The texture of this light, thin hemp/silk is is crepe-like and dry, yet supple and almost drapey, with lots of slubs, occasional crosswise thicker threads creating texture. It seems handwoven and old, but we're not sure on either.  It's not soft or silky or lustrous; it has an antique, almost coarse feel; it feels alot like pure hemp crepe; the silk content is shy. 55% Silk, 45% Hemp. 

13.5" wide and sold by the full yard - we'll cut yours in one piece from the never-used, vintage bolt.  Silk/Hemp. Japan.  


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