Olive/Black/Gray/Red Mud Dyed Ikat Vintage Kimono Silk By the Yard #300

  • $15.00

Only 4 left!

The black and white look gray once woven together, and there's also quite a bit of olive, in addition to rusty red.  Framed designs of flowers, leaves and clouds, hexagons and squares, a home or shrine hugging the mountains. Perhaps a memorable place, a painting or a card?  We're told the dyes were from mud and local plants.  It's much like Oshima Tsumugi - lightweight, thin, soft, smooth and sleek, not quite shiny, with a bit of body and crispness. The black and white silk threads are important in creating the designs, and the red/rust is stronger in person but still not bright. The back is just the same in this true ikat. 14" wide, in excellent condition, sold by the full yard. Yours will be cut in one long piece from the vintage, never-used bolt. The fringe/label portions is no longer available but shown below for reference. 100% Silk. Japan. $15.00/yd.

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