Misty Lilac Floral Kimono Silk 14" x 39" Pieces #3782

  • $18.00

Feels like lilac beneath silver-white veiling. An elegant, fancy, unique print with periwinkle/lilac, purply silk with tiny pastel flowers and origami-inspired larger flowers on top of the tiny millions. The pearly periwinkle/lilac/blue changes softly from lighter to darker. The result is serene and breathtaking. In Hawaii, many of the traditional shirts are made with the muted, back side as the front; the front of this silk has that look. Beautiful condition silk pieces from a dis-assembled kimono. Mid-weight, soft and sleek, drapey pure silk, in a weave that is either chirimen crepe or closely resembles it. A little pearly shine but not shiny-shiny. From Japan in pristine condition. 

We have two different sizes available; this is for the 14" x 39" size pieces. They are $18.00 each and we have 2 currently available.


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