Midnight Blue/Black Corners Ikat, Vintage Kimono Silk, Crisp, In Process? from Japan By the Yard #750

  • $12.00

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Deep blue and black only, with a large-scale design that seems architectural, or inspired by drafting tools, pattern making, geometry, city planning... ?  A modern design in black, woven into the ikat. This silk is thin and light, but... very crisp and stiff, as if it's starched. We assume the stiffness would wash out. (Not totally sure, though.) Perhaps it's a bolt in process and hasn't been completely steamed/rinsed yet. When touched, it feels and rustles like paper. It holds a crease when crushed. 

The design is wonderful. We see a 41" repeat but we haven't checked the whole bolt for repeats. Kimono bolts are woven for the kimono's design to look correct on the body, so repeats may not continue through the bolt. This design is the same look throughout. A true ikat, both sides are just the same. Tiny stars are dark aqua, and the black is true and dark. The lines are black, not dark blue. 14" wide and sold by the full yard, we'll cut yours in one piece from the never-used vintage bolt.  It's in excellent condition and seems like a fine handwoven, hand-dyed Oshima Tsumugi. 100% Silk. Japan.  



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