Orange Marigolds on Gray-Indigo, Vintage Kimono Wool Blend by the Yard from Japan #743

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Thin and light for wool, a bit heavier than silk, a traditional weight for cool-weather kimono in Japan. This wool blend looks much like an ikat, but actually the flowers, which may? be marigolds, and leaves are printed. The leaves are nearly-black indigo. and in beautiful contrast with the gray, the orange really pops. Some of the blossoms have more orange than others. The background is charcoal gray/indigo, with white slubs. On the back, the flowers and leaves aren't as sharp or strong; this is not a true ikat. This wool blend is supple for wool, has a bit of body and a typical wool feel; more coarse than soft. Great color combination. 14" wide, sold by the full yard, and we'll cut yours in one continuous piece from the excellent condition vintage bolt. 96% Wool/ 4% Nylon.  Japan. 

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