Green Bingata Floral Drapey Silk Chirimen Crepe, Vintage Japanese Kimono Silk, LAST 1 yd+30" piece

  • $31.12

Only 1 left!

Bingata!  Hard to find, liquid drape, supple, light green with a spring print with flowers, clouds, streams and leaves, created with bingata stenciling. The colors within each leaf and flower are blended together by hand. Very textured with tiny crinkles. This kimono silk is lightweight, supple and flowy, not shiny at all, and is a chirimen crepe, vintage from the bolt, in beautiful condition. 

 HERE is a Wikipedia article about bingata and the ten step process that takes 3 people 3 days per bolt. This silk bingata is a traditional silk fabric steeped in history.

14.5" wide. This is the last of this fabric, it's 1 yard plus 30" for 18.75/yd., so $31.12


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