Indomitable Spirit Mustard Ochre Ikat Vintage Kimono Silk By the Yard #299

  • $11.00

Only 12 left!

The bright  yellow and black turn to glowing mustard ochre with lots of striations and a sheen like antique Thai silks we've seen. Ikat arrows are blue and magenta, every few inches. Thin, light, glossy, soft and sleek, we think it's probably handwoven and may be quite old. But it has what look like staple holes; as if there were tags stapled that were removed but not gently enough. We can't tell if some threads were actually cut or just separated by the staple (or whatever it was). It may be some of each. It came to us folded to a bundle around 14" x 8" - you can see the fold lines in the photos.  Despite the staple damage, a smudge of black and other flaws, its incredible color, strength and beauty perseveres. The back is just the same in this true ikat. 14" wide, sold as is, by the full yard. Yours will be cut in one long piece from the vintage, never-used bolt. 100% Silk. Japan. $11.00/yd.

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