Indigo, Teal, Red Hexagons Ikat Tsumugi Kimono Silk by the Yard #5619

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Not quite black indigo, one light and one darker teal, a red that's shot with dark blue and is not bright, and gray/white. Overall it's not bright at all; the colors are a bit dark and quiet. Hexagons with flowers inside are about 4" x 5", two or three across the 14" width. This silk is smooth, lightweight, almost crispy, not drapey, opaque but thin. We believe it to be an Amami Oshima Tsumugi Silk Pongee, a beloved and historically important kimono silk in Japan. If so it's probably mud and indigo dyed. (If you can translate the label, please let us know!)  Oshima Tsumugi silks are prized for the detail and beauty of their ikat designs, the quality of the silk, and their crisp, smooth, silky feel. No slubs or texture. This is not a print and both sides look and feel just the same.  Vintage kimono silk, never used in perfect condition from Japan. 

14" wide 100% Silk. Sold by the full yard and we'll cut yours in one piece from the bolt. 

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