Shadow Mountains Tsumugi Ikat Vintage Kimono Silk from Japan, By the Yard #733

  • $17.00

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This ikat is an interesting, complex ikat honoring nature... mountains and forests in many shades and blends of grays, black and greens, with a little tan and red. As your eye processes the images, more detail shows up; streams, hillsides, homes and flowers, large bright green aloe or agave-like leaves. Or ferns? The dark green silk fibers are throughout, making everything seem forested, shadowy and dreamy. This silk tsumugi is most likely hand woven and dyed with natural dyes. A true ikat, both sides are the same. For silk it's slightly heavy, almost cottony, soft, with no shine, no drape and a little body. It's smooth; no crinkles at all. It's thin but not sleek. Very earthy.  The small red areas are more red than the photos show and are a great contrast.  14" wide, sold by the full yard, and we'll cut yours in one continuous piece from the bolt. 100% Silk in perfect condition. Japan. 

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