Golden Brown Blossoms Silk Jacquard, Vintage Japanese Kimono Pieces

  • $21.00

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Drapey, lush silk in rich caramel colors, with areas of more red-brown and almost olive-brown. The jacquard is woven so that some of the blossoms have a subtle satin glow. So, multi-toned and multi-textured 2-inch plum blossoms are overlaying one another.  This silk is drenched with color, with liquid drape and the jacquard is beautiful. And with this coloration... gorgeous!

The back side is the same color, but smooth, without the raised effect. 

Decades ago, these silk pieces were parts of a kimono, which was taken apart stitch by stitch.  

1 piece left, 10" x 51" for $21.00


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