Rust/White Shibori Feathers and Dots Silk Obi 12-1/4" x 170"

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Shibori vintage rustic masterpiece. Fully lined, mid-weight obi that has some drape and some stiffness. It's in beautiful condition. The base fabric is very pale rust-white-pink, with some glisten, slubs, and white jacquard images on which it seems the shibori was done.  The 'feathers' all have big shibori dots on each side. Fantastic!

Its size is 12.25" x 168" long (4.6 yards) and here is how it lays out:

First 112" is shibori. The next 41" has no shibori; it's the base fabric of pale pink-orange (rust warp, white weft I think). The last 17" does have shibori.   The whole 170" obi is lined entirely on the back, in slightly shiny solid chili-colored silk.   

So 170" long x 12.25" wide, with a total of 129" or 3.58 yards, of shibori. 


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