Copper Honeycomb Faux Shibori Vintage Kimono Silk By the Yard #291

  • $16.00

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Silk of magical wonderment!  A faux shibori masterpiece, the tiny 'shibori' squares are in the jacquard, then, it seems, the silk was dyed also with a shibori pattern, with endless tiny flecks of layered coppers, golds, reddish tones. They blend into one another in an ombre effect, sometimes warmer and redder, sometimes towards gold. The result is a glowing, iridescent, smooth, softly mottled copper silk that looks textured. Liquid drape makes the design even more beautiful and mysterious.  Lightweight, thin, flowy, supple and soft, in pristine condition.  14" wide, sold by the full yard. (So, If you order more than 1 yard, yours will be cut in one long piece from the never-used bolt). 100% Silk. Japan. $18.00/yd

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