Blue Blue Blue Bingata Chirimen Crepe Vintage Kimono Silk from Japan 3 pieces 13.75" x 91", 11" x 65", 11" x 65" #724

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A celebration of blues, in a large scale 'patchwork' design, with beautiful bingata color-blending in each flower and leaf. Vibrant oranges and reds are in some of the 'patches', and there are shapes inspired by clouds, mountains, currents, and water. Large areas of almost-bright navy frame some of the motifs. Off-white background. This chirimen crepe has a pebbly texture but it's not extreme and doesn't detract from the art and the many blues. This vintage kimono silk is not drapey or light; it's a little heavier than most kimono silk, has body and is a bit stiff.  These pieces were once part of a kimono and are in pristine condition. Even on the 91" pieces we do not find a true repeat although colors and types of flowers do show up again in different compositions. This silk was probably dyed/stenciled by hand - bingata like these can take months to create.  100% Silk. Japan. 

You'll receive one piece 13.75" x 91", plus two smaller pieces, each 11" x 65".

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