Black / White Rustic Soft Handwoven Kimono Silk Tsumugi from Japan, by the yard

  • $12.00

Only 18 left!

Heavenly, textured silk from Japan in perfect condition. Black and white and the slight sheen give this fabric an almost silver finish. Lots of small slubs, in both black and white. No color cast at all - true black and true white.  (We see no blue, yellow, green etc.)  Wonderful! The surface is soft and silky, textured yet so soft. Not crisp, it is slightly drapey. Front and back are the same. Japanese Tsumugi silk in perfect condition from Japan. This particular silk was meant for men's kimono and hoari, decades ago.  

15.75" wide.  (Wide, for Japan). Sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours from the unused, vintage bolt, in a contiguous piece. If you're the first to order, you'll get the white border, labels and fringe, too. 

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