Black + Palest Green Weaver's Puzzle Ombre - Tiny Dots + Checks Silk, BOLT

  • $125.00

Finely woven silk with geometric weave-play. Not a print. The lighter fibers go from dots, to tiny crosses, lines, slashes, larger crosses, crosses in squares... wow!  So overall, from a distance, it creates a visual ombre... from the changing dots, lines, crosses and squares. Light-weight with slight crispness, would be great for tops, scarves, dresses, shirts, summer pants, windows. 14.5" wide, 12 yards currently on the never-used roll. Designed for kimono or hoari. Japan. The surface is not silky-soft; you can feel the light fibers just a bit - a dry, matte finish fabric. What a treasure! 

$16.50 per yard.



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